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We have been the first in Finland to develop the Growth Mindset evaluation concept and development methodology. Our tools and methodology are based on 30 years of research on mindset, attitude, and personal development.




Based on our methodology, we provide certification coaching, both as open and customized programs tailored to organizations.

Become a Growth Agent with our certification program, and get the tools and techniques to use our concept as part of your daily organizational development and transformation efforts. 

Certification Online

May-June 2020


Mindset Assessment is a psychometric assessment tool developed by Mindset Academy. Our assessment and concept is based on Carol Dweck's and other behavioural scientists previous research on the subject and has been developed by leading specialists and researchers in the field.


The evaluation is based on self-assessment and the answers are compared to a database of thousands of respondents. The results are presented in the form of 11 dimensions of thinking and, in addition, have been indexed to show the weighting for a growth mindset and a fixed mindset. Our approach also highlights the most common current dimensions of thinking in the field of work psychology, such as curiosity, optimism, novelty seeking and work engagement. On the other hand, we also highlight possible tendencies to perfectionism and failure avoidance.


Our principle is to avoid labeling people and to help individuals and work communities identify and develop their own way of thinking, and to take teams to the next level in solving challenges together by consciously leveraging the strengths withing the groups. Our assessment and approach seems to be most beneficial in situations where it is necessary to find new thinking in changing situations and, on the other hand, to identify thinking that we want to avoid in the middle of these challenges. Our assessment is also making the learning orientation visible, as several measured dimensions are at the very core of learning. The Growth Mindset assessment, on the other hand, is not best suited for practicing interaction skills, identifying communication styles, or structuring personality traits.


Our concept has been used in numerous large Finnish and international organizations, and since 2017 we have also certified professionals to use it in their own coaching work and for people development specialists within the organization.



We offer the Growth Mindset certification program, which gives you access to Mindset assessment for individuals and teams, as well as development methodology with support extensive materials. 


For who?

For in-house developers as well as coaching and organizational development professionals.

The training languages are both English and Finnish.

Content and schedule of certification

Starts on the 11th May

Process schedule

  • Invitation and preparations letter + pre-assignment will arrive Week 19

  • First 3hrs group session - 11th May 9:30-12:30

  • Interim assignments and exercise - Week 22

  • Second 3hrs group session 1st June - 9:00-12:00

  • First individual coaching for each participant - 11-12 June

  • Final session, Q&A, learnings, and ceremony - 17th June, 9:30-12:00

  • Second individual coaching for each participant, long term learnings, week 33 or 34, TBD

The whole process is carried out online. We use Zoom and other complementary online tools.

Themes and content

  • Background and theory - what is it about

  • Frames and research findings

  • Mindset as an approach to human development

  • Individual vs. organization vs. culture

  • Mindset - 11 dimensions

  • Thinking and behaving in different contexts

  • Identifying our own business cases

  • Team results review and ways to work on results

  • Mindset Assessment System

  • Review the tool and generate profiles for respondents

  • Plans for the future

  • Closing ceremonies, follow-up and securing the necessary support


For organizations: 980 € + VAT 24% 

Individuals and entrepreneurs: 580 € + VAT 24%


Further information:, 0405454818

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